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I LOVE writing and I LOVE the Word of God. Combining the two inspired the blog you see today! May my words give you hope, give you life, and encourage you to follow Jesus.


  • Key Loves Books: The Pursuit of Porsha

    Key Loves Books: The Pursuit of Porsha

    “Nobody ever gave me anything. I’ve had to fight my way to and fight my way through every obstacle and setback and challenge in my life. I only had my mom. I only had my family. We only had us. We always had to figure it out on our own. We never got bailed out.…

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  • God is….

    God is not just a feeling. He isn’t hiding behind the bushes like some creepy stalker. He isn’t trying to fool you or disappoint you or hurt you. I’ve felt all those things about Him and I’ve been way off. God can’t be contained in a box. He never grows tired of your prayers. He…

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  • Mini Devotional: Psalms 139

    I think Psalms 139 will forever be my top favorite passage in the Bible. In it, it reminds me just how amazing God is and how every single detail in my life matters to Him. I’ll be honest. I often spend my day doing the same things—wake up, work, stay on Ethan about everything (🙄),…

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  • Key Loves Books: My Review on STILTE: The Dutch Art of Quietude by Mirjam Van Der Vegt

    Key Loves Books: My Review on STILTE: The Dutch Art of Quietude by Mirjam Van Der Vegt

    Don’t let this little book fool you. It packs a BIG punch. I say that because for a book to be almost 200 pages, it’s pages that are heavy, pages that make you pause and think, pages that make you look in the mirror of yourself internally and ponder the question: Why aren’t I more…

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  • Swayed in Faith?

    I wish I could do a poll of the world’s Christians to ask how often they sway in their faith. I would probably be amazed at the responses…or maybe, just maybe, I wouldn’t be. For me, I think I often go to church, hear a sermon, get excited for just the length of the sermon…

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  • This is Chapter 34…

    Today is my birthday!!! (YAY ME! YAY GOD FOR CREATING THE BEST THING SINCE TROLLIS, LOL). But seriously though, the phase out of 33 grew me a LOT. What wisdom I’ve gained and some of my experiences have prepped me for this next chapter of my life. Sooo, what does Chapter 34 look like for…

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