I just love God so much.

Like, it’s almost this obsessive, overwhelming love.

When I love, I love HARD.. clearly.

But with God, I have a love for Him that I can’t get lost in, meaning, I don’t lose myself in this love. In this love, I find deeper and better ways to love me, to love Him, to love others.

What a privilege to experience a love like this.

It’s my prayer that God reveals more of Himself to me. I pray that my faith is a faith that makes Him smile. I pray that when He sees me forgive, choose love over pettiness, choose to turn the other cheek, that He goes:

“That’s my daughter. That’s MY Key making me proud.” 🥹

God, help me to keep holding Your hand on this journey and help me to call others to You every single day of my life.

You saved me. You loved me. I’m Yours♥️


Your daughter,


I LOVE his music, but this song a whole mood♥️

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Hey 👋🏾 I’m Key!

Ethan’s mama.
Lover of God.
Follower of Jesus.
Holy Spirit filled.
Bible believer.

With my God-given gift of writing (along with some humor, lol) I hope to encourage and empower people by just simply laying out my heart.

God's Word is so powerful that I want everybody to know about it, read it, and etch it on their hearts.