I started my Christian blog, The Writings on My Heart, in 2019.

With it now being 2021, you would think I would have THOUSANDS of subscribers by now.


I seriously overestimated the work, time and dedication that goes into blogging and capturing subscribers. I overestimated just how often I’d need to blog. I was just a single mom, trying to encourage people with the Word of God as well as with my life stories and I had no idea what I was in for.

When I started to get more serious about my blog this year, I tried looking at several different bloggers’ pages. I wanted to know what they did to be successful, how they drove traffic to their sites, and how they managed to even balance their lives along with consistent blogging.

It became overwhelming to me.

Everyone has their own niche, their own blogging style, their own personalization to their page. On top of that, I would constantly see the common theme that an email list was super important and that you would need subscribers to grow your email list.

Subscribers? Email lists? What is the importance of that?

I was always under the impression that all I needed was a huge following on Facebook or Instagram, and I would be good to go.

I thought wrong. Real wrong.

In comes Ladybossblogger’s “Grow Christian Blog” course to the rescue!

I am so glad that the course was able to help make sense of all my questions and in a way that was concise and easy to understand. Elaine’s course showed me just how important it is to encourage those visiting my site to subscribe.

Subscribers equal an email list. An email list leads to monetization and loyal supporters—two things I very much want.

This course gave steps on how to increase email traffic, how to use Pinterest to grow your blog, how to create an opt-in page, and it even showed me how create free printables site visitors can use once they actually subscribe to my blog. I love knowing that my new subscribers will get a little freebie just for enjoying my blog enough to sign up to receive updates from me.

(So excited to have an actual opt-in form on my site!)

This course did so much to shine a light on the very things that confused me the most about blogging, but I must say that Elaine herself is just an inspiration to my life.

I say this because even though I love what I do in Corporate America, I oftentimes feel like Corporate America could care less about my loyalty to them. What happened with Elaine is a true example. Prior to her becoming THE Ladybossblogger, she too was working a corporate job. While working, her boyfriend had a death in his family and Elaine, understandably so, wanted to be with him during this challenging time to attend the funeral of his family member. Her employer told her, “No.” Not only did her employer tell her no, but she was told that it would affect sales if she was out.

Elaine decided to quit and moved to Honduras the next day.

That took GUTS!

Although she had no job and was seeking what her next steps were, she did not just sit around and do nothing. She did not wait for an opportunity to knock on her door. She did what she had to do to start her own business. After becoming successful, she was then able to teach others how to start online businesses of their own.

This is such a motivator for me, and this inspired me because it showed me that my blogging can actually turn into not just a hobby, but an actual source of income where I use my gift and glorify God in the process.

The Bible says in 2 Timothy 1:7:

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.”

What Elaine did showed me that with faith, hard work, and recognizing God’s Spirit empowering you every step of the way, it is possible that one day, I too can have a successful business, one that I am proud to let God be the true CEO of.

This course helped me, motivated me, and is even now creating growth and subscribers.

If you too want to be helped and motivated, sign up for the Ladybossblogger course today!

Here’s my affiliate link: https://ladybossbloggercourses.com/?affcode=238290_ra7drwor

and here is my 20% off promo code: thewritingsonmyheart.

Let Elaine’s course help grow not only your blog, but your faith in yourself and your blogging dreams, too!


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