I used to think Psalms 23 was for the older people. Guess I’m the older people now😆.⁣⁣
As I reflect on my now 36 years of life, I realize just how true that whole passage really is.⁣⁣
I have all that I need.⁣⁣
God has always led me to green pastures.⁣⁣
He keeps renewing my strength day after day after day (Man…I’m overcome with emotion just writing this).⁣⁣
I’ve walked through some dark valleys (most times, if I can be honest, were of my own doing and disobedience), but God was still God. He stayed and still stays close beside me.⁣⁣
His protection and comfort…. Can’t nobody on Earth touch God in this area. He’s my ultimate comfort and best protection. He has mended and healed my heart in more ways than one.⁣⁣

My enemies can remain my enemies. At God’s table, I can sit in their presence and know I’m still good because God is with me. He loves me, cares for me, and ensures that my cup never runs out of the overflow of blessings…He keeps pouring more and more and more…..
Goodness and mercy have always followed me and I will always follow God. I will never stop. I can’t ever stop.

I will bask in His Presence, I will allow Him to lead, I am proud to be called His child. I’m living proof of Psalms 23. Happy Birthday to me.⁣⁣

*10.14.2023 —This is an addition to my original post—

God got my whole heart. I love Him so much that most days, with Him, I feel like I can’t get close enough, can’t talk enough to Him, can’t show the world enough of the love I feel for Him and the love He feels for me and how much alllll this love is bubbling over my heart and hopefully being felt by others. God really makes me love people in a whole new way and my cup literally overflows because of God’s abundant grace and love and forgiveness.

I’m so excited and scared and terrified and happy about the journey I have ahead of me with the Lord. The world is crazy and changing and scary and beautiful and it’s my total heart’s desire to have people say about me—“Man, that girl loved her some Jesus.”

And the ultimate goal of my heart, when I leave this world and reach Heaven is to (first, ask Jesus where my grandfather at so I can hug him 🥹) but immediately after, I want to hear those beautiful words:

“Well done, my good and faithful servant…..Let’s celebrate together!”
‭‭(Matthew‬ ‭25‬:‭23‬ ‭NLT‬)

I love you so so much God, Jesus, Holy Spirit. Please don’t ever leave me. You got my heart, now and always♥️

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I just LOVE this song so much 🥹

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