On 5.29.21, I feel like Holy Spirit led me to text these questions to Ethan while at the gym. (This idea could’ve never come from my brain!)

Some of his answers tickled me and others made me be like, “dang, I didn’t know this is what my son liked!”

In celebration of his 12th birthday today, I wanted to share the questions I asked and his responses.

Happy birthday Pook. Mama loves you more than you know!!

Ethan please answer the following questions that I don’t know about you. Please write ONLY THE ANSWERS down in your notebook for me to look at and keep:

What’s your dream job? Basketball player

What college do you hope to go to? LSU

What is your favorite color? Blue (turquoise)

Who is your favorite basketball player? Trae Young of the Hawks

What’s your favorite NBA team? Lakers

What’s your favorite food? All food

What’s your shoe size? 5.5

What’s your favorite thing to do? Play my game and play outside

What’s your favorite book? Fiction books//Diary of a Whimpy Kid

Who is your favorite Bible character? Matthew

What’s your favorite Bible verse? Matthew 6:25

Have you asked Jesus into your heart? Yes ma’am

What kind of movies do you like? Action movies

What are the top five things you want for your birthday?

V Bucks, air pods, my phone fixed, G shock watch, a new desk**bonus: I want family here**

{Ethan explained that on his last birthday, we didn’t do anything but give him a gift. He wanted to spend time with us (my parents and siblings) and for us to make a big deal for his birthday like we did his tee tee’s birthday..whoops, I didn’t know, but now I do!}

What’s your favorite family game to play? Uno

What’s the best advice I’ve ever given you?
God don’t like people that lie.

(Correction Ethan, I’m pretty sure I say, “God don’t like nobody telling stories…I say stories instead of lie since my mama raised us like that word was bad, lol)

What do you wish I would fuss at you less about? My room

Name 3 chores you feel is deserving of an allowance? Trash, keeping my room clean, and to start washing clothes

(side note—Ethan don’t know nothing about washing no clothes, lol)

Do you understand why you should tithe to God in church and do you tithe and give offering?
Not much☹ But I forgot why to give (His nana gave him the perfect explanation as to why, lol)

I opened a savings account for you. What amount do you hope to have in it by the end of the year (Dec 31)? $50.00 (what’s funny is the opening amount I put in there is already $50.00, lol)

Choose the top TWO things you love most from these things:

-Encouraging words/people saying they love you

hugs and/or kisses


spending time together 

-someone doing you favors

(My little boy loves the hugs & kisses and spending time together ❤️)

Ethan, mama loves you so much! Today is your day and I’m gonna make this day and weekend alllll about you. God blessed my life with you. I get to be your mom. I get to hold your hand. I get to lead you to loving Jesus. I got the hardest yet most rewarding job ever!!!

God, bless my Ethan today and everyday. Show me how to parent him, how to protect him, how to love him. Show me how to speak his love languages. Help me to slow down and watch him grow! May I make you smile with the love I have for my little boy. We love you, God!

♥️ Ethan’s mom

I miss him being this small!

I ♥️U Ethan
Every single time I hear this song, I think of you Ethan. I got you.. always♥️

Ethan is a big fan of Andy. Enjoy one of our favorites😊

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