Key’s Book Review: I Take My Coffee Black by Tyler Merritt

I’m in love.

Seriously, I’m in love…with Tyler Merritt’s book.

Not only did he come right off the bat with an engaging story about how he pretty much freaked out a woman of a different race (I guess because she thought he looked to her like this big, black scary guy), but chapter after chapter was just… good. It was really good.

This book is not just another story about a black man in America. (And I say that I promise with all sincerity because just being real, it’s tough being black in America. I think some may be tired of hearing that narrative, but it’s the truth.. just sayin’).

This book is filled with humor, it’s well written, it’s also pretty freaking amazing to feel like you’re chilling with Tyler and getting to know him as a person through his writing.

Anddddd, he believes in God. His faith, his mad respect for his mom, his humor…DANG THIS DUDE CAN WRITE!

Such interesting tales from a man who you’ll wish you could kick it with.

Definitely a page-turner that had me laughing literally out loud in bed, sad, amen-in’ and feeling a plethora of other emotions. Key gives this book allll the thumbs up! BUY THIS BOOK! (You’ll be glad you did ☺️).

This man can WRITTTTEEE!!!!!

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