Okay, so if you didn’t know, Key loves a good book (so much so that I got books all over the place that I still need to read..also so much so, that my dream would be to be gifted with a library similar to what Belle got in Beauty and the Beast, lol).

Anyway, this book….I wish I could put in appropriate words just how good it is.

This book has so many gems, scripture references, and transparency within it from Joyce that you’ll be for real looking within yourself and getting excited about who God created you to be. This book will make you realize that you truly are authentic, one of a kind, and made to be the real you in a world that can sometimes be filled with imposters or copy cats.

I for one can say that I’ve tried for so long to mimic others. For so long, I’ve not loved who I am. For so long I’ve fought being who God created me to be. With this book inspiring you, you’ll say farewell to all of those feelings.

If you want to radically change the way you view yourself, if you want to walk in becoming exactly who God says you are, and if you are looking for a jolt to boost your esteem in Christ, GET THIS BOOK!

It’s a good one!

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