Don’t let this little book fool you. It packs a BIG punch.

I say that because for a book to be almost 200 pages, it’s pages that are heavy, pages that make you pause and think, pages that make you look in the mirror of yourself internally and ponder the question: Why aren’t I more still?

This book makes you desire stillness.

In a world where busyness is celebrated and overflowing to-do lists are applauded, this is a book that encourages you to celebrate Sundays, to take time to quiet your mind and take inventory of the stress and strain that we often ignore being placed on our physical bodies, to understand that rest is just as much part of God’s creation right along with the things that He calls us to do.

How can we ever hear God if we’re never quiet enough to hear that still, small voice?

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With my God-given gift of writing (along with some humor, lol) I hope to encourage and empower people by just simply laying out my heart.

God's Word is so powerful that I want everybody to know about it, read it, and etch it on their hearts.