Mini Devotional: Psalms 139

I think Psalms 139 will forever be my top favorite passage in the Bible.

In it, it reminds me just how amazing God is and how every single detail in my life matters to Him.

I’ll be honest. I often spend my day doing the same things—wake up, work, stay on Ethan about everything (🙄), eat, and sleep. Sure, I do things I love and enjoy and I have people in my life that truly make life more beautiful and truly bring joy, but honestly?

When I think about my little life, I’m like, “God, do you really care?”

Psalms 139 proves He does.

If you read it entirely, you’ll see that He knows our hearts. He knows when we’ll wake up and go to bed. He knows every word we will speak. He knows about not just my life, but every single life on this planet.

And what’s mind blowing to me is the fact that God could’ve made anyone, but He took the time to think of me. He created ME. He formed me, my attitude, my crazy love of love. He knew before I even took one breath that I’d love writing. He knew I’d cry at Beauty and the Beast (best Disney movie ever❤️).
He knew what would make me smile and he knew what would make me cry.

He knew I’d get discouraged and feel overwhelmed. He knew I’d look at myself most days in the mirror and not feel beautiful. He knew I’d doubt myself capable of love or being loved. He knew I’d question why He’d make me a mom when I have no clue what I’m doing.

But He also knew what would make me smile like the Kool-aid man. He knew Ethan would know how to make me laugh like nobody else. He knew that one heartbreak would completely change me into a woman that is more bold, stronger, and more resilient. He knew I would recognize that I don’t have to settle for anything, but God’s best for me.

He knew I’d meet Jesus and He knew I’d be scared to trust Him, but that I would, because what other option do I have? Full disbelief to me is not an option.

Only Jesus has the power to save me and to save this world.

One of my favorite songs is “In Your Time” by WorshipMob, Cross Worship, and Osby Berry.

In it, it continually says that God makes all things beautiful in His time. I believe that. Well, most days. I’m coming to believe it to be true more days than I used to, though.

Sure, I hate that God’s time ain’t always my time. But He made me. He made YOU. Because He knows us, He knows what’s best for us.

May we trust His timing (hard as it may be).

May we trust Him in Psalms 139 and in every part of His Word.

May we trust that even in the everyday hustle and bustle of life, He sees us. He cares. He listens. He sees your tears. He hears your laughter.

He is not turning His head when your heart breaks.

Jesus Himself can relate to all our feelings. He’s no stranger to heartbreak, laughter, sadness, or smiles. He gave everything for us.

May we learn to lean on Him and trust Him completely.♥️

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